Tuesday, June 14

The Peabody Museum of Natural History

Sunday Chris and I took the boys to The Peabody or as the boys call it, "The Dinosaur Museum". We love this museum and always find something new when we go.

Peabody-diggingThe special exhibition right now is Elephants! which Edmund loved since they are a favorite of his. The nice thing about the Peabody is that they have a lot of hands on exhibits. They had an chance to play archeologist and dig for Woolly Mammoth bones, feel elephant skin and hair and measure different types of elephant's teeth and jaws. Fun stuff for sure!


The boys came face to face with a Timber Wolf in the American Hunters exhibit. That area is a little scary for Topher since it is rather dark and they have very large stuffed animals lurking behind cut outs meant to look like dense foliage.

Peabody-mummyThe way the museum is laid out, the 3rd floor doesn't form a continuous loop. The very last exhibit is a Daily life in Ancient Egypt and the Mummy and we had never made it that far. Usually the boys spend so much time looking at the dinosaurs that they are tired when we get close to the end so we skip it. This time we did not. Edmund has been really fascinated with Egyptology and Mummies lately so he was really excited to see this exhibit.

I remember how mesmerized I was when I saw the King Tut Exhibit in Munich in 1980(ish). It was amazing! There is just something about ancient civilizations. (We are already talking about a trip to Philadelphia in 2007 to see the new King Tut exhibit!)


Charles and I decided to take a little break together while Chris and the other 2 boys took a last look. Yes, that is my Margaritaville Cami! I love it! I would wear it every day if I could.


After the museum, we stopped at Denny's for burgers and ice cream. The boys had a good time with their Madagascar masks! I laughed so hard when Topher decided to take the easy way out when eating his ice cream. I couldn't resist snapping a picture.

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