Wednesday, June 29

Weighing in Week #2

(Plus a few days)

I am a few days late with my check in but we were away. Last week went well. I coasted through with out any hitches. No big break throughs either but that is ok.

For this week:

Current Weight:
140 lbs - down .5 from last week!

Goals for this week:
Survive the week with out eating my way through it. It has been a very stressful week so far and I expect it will continue to be one until the weekend. ugh

We have been having some really hot and humid weather here lately so I have been drinking LOTS of fluids. It helps to keep the munchies away too. It's not good for out of doors exercise though. How are you all doing?

Thank you to Donni for the link to the website with the cute little tickers! What a fun way to count down to various events or keep track of progress towards a goal. Go check them out.

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