Friday, February 1

February Photos

I haven't really been feeling that inspired lately to take any pictures. I've really enjoyed looking at other "everyday photos" but my camera still sits unused. I think part of it is that I am just not used to the light we have in this house and I have had a little trouble getting used to it.

I really love going back and looking at these. What better way to get used to my new surroundings than a little photo project! (It should also help to get me out and about a little more, too). So I will be repeating last year's February Photo Project - a photo a day of the everyday during the month of February.

I'm really looking forward to it! (and I'll be reading this birthday gift for a little help.)

Check out these everyday photos:

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Six One Way and the corresponding Flickr pool
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SouleMama's - 30 Days of Everyday

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