Tuesday, January 15



December was crazy busy with lots of secret crafting (I'll have to share some of that soon) so there hasn't been a whole lot of crafting going on here lately. I just needed a little time out from it all. I didn't put everything away, though. Amidst all the new books there were several on paper cutting or scherenschnitte and a new set of x-acto knives.

These are my first two attempts. My knife skills need a little work but that comes with practice. The black one was cut from origami paper and the other was cut from parchment paper. I think I prefer working with the parchment but I do like the look of the black paper.


I know I should have scanned these but the scanner is not hooked up right now so you'll have to settle for photos. You get the idea though.


Jamie said...

Now that looks like fun.
I really like the bottom one.

Hope you have fun with your parents.

Anonymous said...

Those are beautiful! What do you do with them now?