Wednesday, October 24

Judge's Choice

Making cakes

Last night was our Cub Scout Pack's annual "Feller Cake Bake". The boys always really look forward to this event. There are several categories and this year they thought they might try to win "Smallest Cake" so they made cupcakes. They each made the same basic design - skulls - but they made them as individual as they are.

Edmund's eyes were Junior Mints, the nose was 2 chocolate chips nestled closely together and he drew teeth that were a bit vampire-ish. Chaz also used the Junior Mints and chocolate chips, however he sunk them in so just the little round bottoms showed and then he made big monkey lips. Topher opted for smaller M&M eyes, only 1 chocolate chip for the nose and a more traditional skeleton mouth. They did a great job!


There were a lot of great entries, including a very realistic looking kitty litter cake! (that one took "Most Disgusting"). The boys did not win "Smallest Cake". Would you believe there was a cake the size of a thimble?? I think it may have been a little mound of frosting with a sprinkle on top. It was very cute.

We did not come home empty handed, though. The boys ended up with "Judge's Choice"! Chris and I had to nudge the boys to go up to get their award. I think they were in disbelief! We came home very excited, very proud and already planning next year's entry.

Judges Choice

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