Monday, October 29


Baseball season is coming to a close. Something that has us all cheering for a wide variety of reasons. Major League Baseball finished it's season last night with a very exciting 4 game sweep by the Red Sox (I was on the edge of my seat!) We are celebrating today and some of us can happily go to bed a little earlier now.

Little League Baseball is wrapping up tomorrow night. It's been a fun season but it's been a very hectic and overwhelming season. We are all looking forward to a little more freedom. The boys are looking forward to being able to just play. So often this Fall, they haven't been able to go out an run and play and just be. There were always games and practices to rush off to. We have two more games tonight and our final game tomorrow. Then there will be more celebrating.

A few of my favorite photos from the season:

Baseball - Topher
Topher playing for the Hooks.

Baseball - Edmund
Edmund playing for the River Cats.

Baseball - Chaz
Chaz playing for the White Sox.

And just so you know - only 153 days until the official start of baseball season!

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Licia said...

I was at Game 3!! It would have been great if the Rockies could have won at least one. Oh well! Next time!