Monday, July 11



I've started my "sockpaltwoza" socks.

I am making the Unst sock from Knitting on the Road. It is a nice pattern and seems to be working up rather quickly. I'll be making a pair for myself when these are done!

I actually got much further along in my sock but I had to rip and restart. I got to the instep but realized that I had been a little clever when I started the heel and the lace would no long match up. I tried to rip back to the start of the heel but I had a hard time picking my stitches back up so back to the beginning I went!


Backtack Buddy said...

Hey, Emily... my apologies that the backtack package hasn't made it your way yet... I sent it off priority mail on June 30th, but apparently someone determined that priority means "strap it to the back of a cat and hope the cat eventually wanders to the destination". Arg!

That's a lovely color for your sockapal2za socks... what yarn are you using?

Yarngirl said...

Love the color of that yarn! And thanks for the chicken wing recipe - guess what we're trying this weekend???

alison said...

Oooh, how pretty. All that lovely colored yarn in the basket. Is that baby cashmerino? It sure does look good knit up!

Anonymous said...

great socks Emily!
earth mother