Sunday, July 10

Our (long) Weekend at the Beach


Some longtime family friends have a house on the beach and invited us for the weekend. My parents were also up visiting from Maryland so on Thursday, the boys and I headed off for a few days. Chris joined us for the weekend. We had such a good time. Friday we had heavy rain but we made the most of it. We read and played cards. More of the weekend guest showed us which gave the boys more kids to play with. We ended up with 30 people staying in the house (12 kids) and 2 dogs.



We went fishing. I almost caught a Scup and not a bad sized one at that. Unfortunately for me, it snapped my line and got away. My dad caught a rather nasty looking Spider Crab that we threw back. Our friend, "Grandpa Steve" caught a good sized Blue Crab that we would have liked to have kept but it waved it's claws about and quickly scuttled off the dock and back in the water. He also caught a rather interesting looking skate which we also tossed back in the water.

We spent a lot of time swimming. Ooo was that water cold! Edmund jumped off the dock a few times. He is working his way to the deeper waters. They also paddled out on the boogie boards and rode the waves back in. They got really good at timing the wake waves from the passing boats. Topher played in the sand more than he swam. He also liked spending his time up in the grassy yard playing ball. There was also a small bounce house for the kids that just called to him!

Chris took each of the boys out for a turn in the canoe. They loved that! I have a feeling they will be asking for one soon. I would have liked a turn but time got away from us. I spent a lot of time relaxing though which made for a very enjoyable weekend.


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