Monday, April 1

Double Dog Dare

Recently, my sister mentioned that she missed reading the blog. For awhile, I was happy not to blog. I was happy not to record my days in a permanent way. Facebook became my outlet. The connection to others was immediate and conversations were fleeting - what is said is there, and then it's gone (or at least it used to be that way.) At the same time that I stopped blogging, I stooped taking photos. I still snapped pictures but it's not the same.

That conversation with my sister made me think not about what I didn't want to remember but rather about the things I wish I had recorded over the past few years. So having been issued a challenge (a dare, perhaps !?) I'm going to dust things off and see what happens. I'm not sure what direction this will go but I am excited to find out!


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Your sister is much looking forward to your photos and posts.