Friday, May 2


Things They Leave About

Week 6 of the Six One Way project.

1. Found :: Hidden in the bed
2. Found :: Left in the kitchen
3. Found :: Forgotten in the tomatoes

I'm constantly finding things that the boys have left laying about.

Chaz is never with out a book. One morning I found a book and a comic tucked in to the mattress frame as well as two audio books slipped under his pillow. It's no wonder it's a struggle to get him up some mornings!

One of Topher's favorite pieces of clothing are these cowboy boots. I think at this point they are about 2 sizes too small but that doesn't stop him from cramming his little feet in to them. It doesn't matter what he is wearing - jeans, shorts, pajamas - in his mind, it's always appropriate for cowboy boots.

I went out to water the tomatoes and found this ferocious little guy guarding them. I'm not sure who left him there but there was a lot of Jurassic Park play going on in the garden this week.

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