Monday, March 6

I had no idea!

Why didn't any one tell me what I was missing out on?? Chris and I aren't really reality TV viewers. No Survivor, no American Idol and up until now, no Project Runway for us.

However, that all changed this weekend. I sat down late in the afternoon on Saturday for a little vegging in front of the tube. Project Runway was on and I was too tired to look for anything else. Well, the next thing I know, I am HOOKED! I've been sitting at my sewing machine ever since - intently watching as the drama unfolds. (and sewing madly during the commercials!)

I'd write more but I really must go. I'm watching the Barbie episode and I need to see who is in and who is out! Thanks to all the rebroadcasts that Bravo is doing, by the time the finale airs I'll be all caught up!


Ruth said...

Isn't Project Runway the best? I'm hoping that Daniel V wins, because Santino is just evil.

Jamie said...

LOL a new addiction! Lucky you:-)
So are you going to share what these new projects on the sewing machine are? Enquiry minds want to know.

Anonymous said...

no more Runway.... Please!!
But if I have to make a prediction it'll be Chloe of Santino.
Don't like him, but since he had someone else do the sewing for fashion week, they look pretty good.

Daniel? Bah. To safe, no guts.

Chris : )

Claudia said...

Hey Emily,
I am like that with Celebrity FitClub. LOL
Oh btw, Tomorrow sci-fi has a firefly marathon and thanks for your comment on my clogs.