Friday, March 3


My brain is turning to mush! I'm just not getting a good night's sleep lately and it is really catching up with me.

I can't think straight, I'm forgetting things, and I'm making stupid mistakes. It's been a trying week. Yesterday I decided to work on a seemingly simple project, however, by the time I was done I was left holding a small disaster. The mistakes that I made were just plain silly. ...sigh...

Today won't be any better, either.

Friday's are my busiest (and most exhausting) day of the week. I'm going in to this one with only 3 hours of sleep. Luckily we have a delayed start to school this morning so I can take a little more time getting ready for the day. I don't think there will be any crafting today though.


Claudia said...

Em, I am sorry that you don't get any sleep. I hope next week will be better.

Jamie said...

why the lack of sleep Em?
Hope things improve soon....need to chat? Drop me a line.