Tuesday, February 7

Word Cloud

Word Cloud

These word clouds have been "floating" around the blogs all week and I had to catch one for myself. What fun!

Go here to get your own. (click on "Custom" at the bottom)


luvs2knit said...

Em...I love the word cloud; however, I don't like mine. I think I could vere off a little with my family. A lot of the words were knits, knitting, knit, and the like.

I know I have a life outside of knitting, I think.

rockymtmama said...

just visiting via the knitting parents yahoo group (I think that's where I got your link!). Thanks for the wordcloud idea; it was fun! I ended up changing alot of my words b/c quite a few of the generated ones were random technical blog words that have nothing to do with me!

And I never heard of postcrossing before. I think I'll give it a whirl.

I know what you mean w/ the sock thing. I've just started my first pair & it's very addicting. Talk about instantaneous gratification :) Cheers!