Monday, February 13

My Swift


My mom recently gave me her swift since she is not doing as much knitting as she once was. She bought this swift 37 years ago when she was living in Japan and according to the markings on the box, she paid 650 Yen. (If I did my calculations correctly, at today's exchange rate, that is a little over $5!)

I love this swift. If folds up so nicely making it easy to store. It also makes winding balls much easier. No more hoping that someone will have the patience to sit and hold yarn for me. I remember doing that for my Nana. I would always try to read while holding her yarn but every time I needed to turn a page (the book sitting on the table) it would throw off her rhythm.

Now to get a ball winder. I currently use a very basic nostepinde (which is often an empty toilet paper tube!) which can be a bit tiresome when winding balls with a lot of yardage.


Stacey said...

Seriously, that is the coolest swift that I've ever seen!! You are a lucky girl to have a mom that would part with somethinglike mom and I would be fighting over it! Thanks for posting the pictures, I really appreciate it!

luvs2knit said...

I love your swift. Very retro!!

angharad said...

I am so blinking jealous. I am looking for a swift, but I want one with some style, or individuality at least. Your's is great, what a fantastic hand-me-down.