Tuesday, January 27



It is cold, grey and wet here today and school was cancelled because of ice.

Today I...

...Consumed way too many cups of coffee
...Stayed in my pajamas until noon
...Ate popcorn for lunch
...Listened to the boys create alien cities with Legos
...Exchanged silly emails with a friend
...Tried to become friends with my camera again
...Ignored the paperwork next to my desk
...Spent too much time exploring Facebook
...Decided that I have been neglecting this space for far too long


Jamie said...

Guess its my turn to get back into blogging. Oh by the way...Sheridan has the same color Ipod...LOL

Emily said...

YES! Get back to blogging!

..and Edmund wanted me to be sure to tell you that the ipod is HIS not mine! lol He also wanted to say that the green is the best color ever. :-)

(Mine is red)