Wednesday, July 25

Moving In


My days, lately, are filled with moving boxes. Lots and lots of moving boxes. Somedays are spent unpacking and putting away (often followed by taking those things back out of where ever it is that I have just put them and then putting them someplace else - this happens mostly in the kitchen). Somedays are spent shuffling heavy boxes from one room to another (despite our watchful eye, many boxes ended up in the wrong rooms. Luckily the furniture did not). And then somedays are spent opening boxes, rifling through the contents and then closing the boxes back up again (so many of the boxes packed by the movers are mismarked - drinking glasses marked "garage misc"!?) Despite all of this, there is something rather satisfying about setting up a new home.

Of course, big pitcher of iced tea and reruns of Simon & Simon and Magnum, P.I. make the chore of unpacking go so much faster.

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Claudia said...

welcome to TEXAS!!!! You will love it here and I can't wait to meet you one day!
You look fantastic, btw.